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About Us
Innovative Artistic Licensing LLC is the result of 30 years of entrepreneurial  creativity by its founder, Arthur Seidenfeld. He has founded and managed enterprises in the fields of manufacturing, financial consulting, investment banking and mergers and acquisitions, alternative energy development and marketing, specifically solar and wind energy, export marketing development, electrical assembly, software development, licensing and marketing, internet marketing of excess production raw materials, international internet marketing of scrap metals, electronics, foodstuffs and grains and magazine and book publishing.

Mr. Seidenfeld has developed licensing and marketing programs for several of the companies he has founded. He has raised capital through the IPO market and subsequently sold or merged most of the companies he has founded, some of which are still in existence. His capital raising for start ups he founded brought in over $5 million in initial company capital. He has assisted in the fund raising and merger of 5 other companies.

He has utilized the internet to find international merger and funding partners in Europe and the Middle East. He has assisted in the international licensing of software products, he has created markets where buyers and sellers who have never met each other completed numerous international commodity transactions.

Finally, he has utilized the concept of licensing for products in the manufacturing field, in the entertainment industry, for food products and datamining and artificial intelligence software.

He now is expanding his concepts to what he calls "creations of the mind", LICENSING PATENTS AND TECHNOLOGY DESIGNS.
If you are an Inventor or Patent Owner with technology(ies) in the medical devices field,  please contact us to allow us to expand your thinking about commercialization and grow your commercial ideas through licensing.

Please email us: or call us at 1718 318-0994 or 1718 578-6822. fax 1 718 945-0155

Innovative Artistic Licensing LLC
POB 940007. Belle Harbor, NY 11694-0007 USA
His experience in the field of Initial Public Offerings has been the result of his taking over 5 companies public as the founder and president along with raising them a total of over $5 million publicly as start up ventures without operating histories.
He has acted as a consultant to an additional 6 companies who used his expertise to raise public and private capital. Finally he provided the means for several privately owned companies to raise the needed start up capital to expand, through reverse mergers into publicly traded companies he controlled.
One of Mr. Seidenfeld's ventures was the purchase and expansion of an electrical products assembly company. He was responsible for raising the needed capital for expansion, scheduling production activities for a 35 member unionized production staff, expanding marketing beyond the U.S.A. to Canada, tripling sales in a 3 year period, developing a plan for new production equipment, increasing the supplier and customer base by over 200% and developing two new businesses, one of which is in existence today- creating a worldwide internet market for excess production materials and an internet based scrap metals, electronics, and metals business and internet market for foodstuffs and grains.

These activities have led us to apply Mr. Seidenfeld's creative thinking to the field of Intellectual Property Rights, especially "CREATIONS OF THE MIND", primarily technologies in the medical devices field, with emphasis on wound care technologies.
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