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Summary of the Patents Licensed or in Negotiation for Licensing:



A- 510-k Disposable syringe with worldwide applications.
B- Medical Instrument for Removing Vericose Veins.
C- Tissue Regeneration Patent and series of patents (32+) in this field.

#1 Nuclear Medicine Test Kits- Used to show the location and extent of heart, brain and many   cancerous diseases by every well equipped hospital and numerous doctors’ offices in every  country throughout the world. Many times these tests are essential. A test kit developed to  detect radiochemical impurities in any Tc99m based drug.

#2 Allergy Test Strip- Used to determine if a person has allergic reactions to allergens. It allows        the tester to keep track automatically and very accurately of the allergens being administered        to the skin of the person being tested.

#3 Disposable Allergy Skin Testing Kit- Incorporates 1 needle point, will be economical to mold  and will expel the liquid onto the skin. Allows for 8-12 tests in one kit.

#4 Polypeptide Regulation by Conditional Inteins- Developed by Prof at the Genetic Dept.     of Harvard University School of Medicine.        The polypeptide products of genes carry a wide assortment of bioactivities which effect most        of the processesrequired for life- used in agricultural, pharmaceuticals and experimental testing.

#5  Eggshell Polypeptide technology- patent filed. available for licensing in Asia with later production and marketing rights. can expand into other territories.

Medical Instruments & Devices:

6- Wound Penetrating Hemostatic Device, Impregnated with antibiotic and/or anesthetic.
7- Cordless Stethescope- Hazmat (for dangerous situations)
8- Double Barrel Syringe- uniquely and simply designed to provide other variations for        administration and or mixing of various pharmaceuticals.
9- cervical ring (birth control device).
10- Method of Manufacturing A Barbed Surgical Suture (510k listed)
11- Medical Device for a Vibrating Alarm for Fluid Receivable Receptables- where a          patient has his bladder removed, allows him to know when his ostomy bag needs draining.
12- Set of Bandages For a Healing Wound
13- Invertible Would Dressing- these 2 patents (#12 & 13) serve as bandages with special features.
14- Surgical Skin Marker.
15- A Device For Treating Wound Gaps.
16- Would Dressing Patent.
17- Wound Care Electrode.
18- safety syringe.

A) Four skin care products. Consultancy Marketing Agreement for Dissolvable wound care bandage/band-aid with pulsatile drug delivery system (the patent to be issued in several weeks; Russia Issued Nov. 2009; China, India, Japan, Australia, EU, Canada and Mexico still pending); Skin Cell Sprayer (USA Issued Nov. 16, 2010); DermaWound for acute and chronic non-healing wound care (USA Pending); Anti-Inflammatory Pain Spray for People and Animals (USA Issued); Anti-psoriasis Spray (USA Issued), (May lead to joint venture or setting up operating company in China)

Energy/ Electronics

19- Wind Turbine/Purifying Water- All in one unit.
20- Adapter tools- for battery operated tools- to simplify use.
21- Microphone-silicon chip- to expand use of a microphone in a cell phone or hearing aid.
22- Collapsible Solar Collector- Can be mounted anywhere- even sailboat.

23- Refrigerant Feed Device
24- Interactive Book Under Consideration at our Discretion:
25- Modified Engine Design- improve and provide torque.
26 Liquid Nitrogen Application – for dermatologists
27- Syringe Needle Guard
28- Self Cleaning Sink- for hotels, commercial buildings
29- Environmentally Friendly Sewage System.
30- Waste Water Cleaning System 
31 Method of Running a Condenser for Liquidation of Steam or Vapor Refrigeration Unit 32- Jet Pump Having a Moveable Piston
33- Refrigerant Feed Device
34- A Device for Increasing the Efficiency of an Air-Cooled Condenser
35- Steam Heating System
36- Compressor Oil Pressure Control Method and Unit
37- Method And Apparatus For A Self-governing Pulse Feeding Refrigerant - details coming soon
38- Freezing Plate Line of Health Products:
39- Boost Nutrition
40- Imu Plus Protein
41 Pure Encapsulation Supplement
42- Colon CleansePharmaceutical Formulations For Other Treatments:
43-- Smallpox Vaccine for treatment of other Viruses.
44- Treatment For the Common Cold Using a Mix of Existant Chemicals                             
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