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We license patents and technologies for either worldwide use or selective locations. For example, we have a special service whereby we license patents and technologies for commercialization in Asia, primarily CHINA.  We have access to prominent personnel in China ready to assist us. We have currently licensed approximately 20 products in the medical instruments, pharmaceutical formulations, energy/electronics, educational and consumer fields and with transportation projects and have been offered licensing rights for an additional 20 more and the right to represent the inventor for a package of  6 more pharmaceutical formulations. These patents specifically cover: 

Nuclear Medical Test Kits, Pharmaceutical Formulations (including treatment for specific types of cancer, Poly Peptides), Allergy Test Strips, Disposable Allergy Skin Test Kits, Cordless Stethescope for Hazmat applications, A Line of Skin Care Products, Double Barrel Syringe, Disposable Syringe, Needle Safety Sheath System, Cycle Safety Syringe, Cervical Roing-Birth Control Device, Wind Turbine/Purifying Water Unit, Microphone Silicon Chip, Adapter for Battery Powered Tools, Educational Toy Clock, A Folding Toothbrush Mounted in A Pen. 

We are in negotiation and expect to conclude licenses for products involving Control of Cancer with Annonaceous Extracts (already a nutritional supplement), Method for Using Eggshell Polypeptides, A Medical Device for a Vibrating Alarm for Fluid Receivable Receptables, A Wound Penetrating Hemostatic Device,  Invertible Wound Dressing, Platform Catheter, Collapsible Solar Collector and Photovoltaic Units.

We are presently considering Licensing New Technology for:
A Modified Engine, Precision liquid Nitrogen Applicator, A Syringe Needle Guard and A Self Cleaning Sink.

September 21, 2011, we have concluded a working agreement with Lotus Middle East Pharma, a prestigious and successful marketer of pharmaceutical formulations and medical devices. Lotus has working relationships with distributors and marketers of medical products throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. We are assisting Lotus in exploring their commercialization of our licenses to lead to the registration, production and sale of our inventors' technology to commercial products to be sold worldwide under Lotus's leadership. Lotus will also contribute their working relationship with medical universities throughout the Middle East to acquire research licenses for new medical technologies, primarily through our efforts and connections. This will allow our inventors to take their ideas through clinicial trials, registration production and marketing. Through our working relationship with Lotus, investment will be available for such commercialization.

With this agreement we are actively seeking out inventors of pharmaceutical formulations leading to the treatment of cancer, hiv, other diseases and outside the medical field- in the area of water desalination and purification.



We do not charge any upfront  licensing fees. We pay royalties against sales.
We have worked to commercialize newly patented products and can assist in getting the patent and copyright owner's products accepted into "industry", with emphasis on international commercialization.

We are willing to expand your patent base by filing patents forms in countries not listed.

We will commercialize your products by:

setting up an operating subsidiary
joint venture with an existing operating company who will produce, market and export or we will take a fee to allow a private/publicly traded company the right to buy the license outright without partnering with us.
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