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ARTHUR SEIDENFELD, President Innovative Artistic Licensing LLC
 25 Central Park West #12B. New York, NY 10023.
001 (718) 578-6822.  cell and whats app.,
Skype: arthurseidenfeld

 Entrepreneur, Creator and Funder of over 4 OTC Listed and Traded Companies (USA) and 3 spin-offs/reverse mergers.

These enterprises were taken from the idea state to start-up, funding and full operation
before selling off controlling interest, merger or spin-off to shareholders. Expert in mergers and blind pool, spin-offs, and reverse mergers.

Created and funded publicly through IPO’s in the USA:
 Helioscience Inc. Israeli solar energy marketers. Traded OTC- USA
 Modern Technology Corp. (MTC) Traded OTC- USA financial consultant and early stage investors with bridge financing to Israeli companies.  Assisted Eshed Robotec (OTC- traded) Israeli educational robotics company in completing its initial IPO in the USA in 1986, with bridge financing and technical assistance in ipo registration and funding. Created several spinoffs which merged with privately owned operating companies subsequently publicly traded providing value to the shareholders.Investment in Privarely owned northeastern based Wind Turbine Manufacturer. Sold controlling interest in MTC after almost 20 years in operation.

Daine Industries Inc. blind pool financing raising over $2.25 million for startups and acquisitions. Eventually purchased the assets of Lite King Corp., a manufacturer-assembler of electrical products with over 33 employees and revenues generated over $4 million yearly in only 3 years of completing acquisition. Was responsible for total manufacturing and marketing operations and union relations over a 12 year period. Eventually merged with fiber optics company the operating subsidiary (Lite King Corp) and merger of Daine Industries as empty public shell company with Canadian travel company.

Davin Enterprises Inc. blind pool financing raising $1.875 million for merger with software company. Modern Technology Corp. held major ownership interests in both Daine Industries Inc and Davin Enterprises Inc. creating value for the shareholders of Modern Technology Corp.

Founder and Creator of several reverse merger-spinoffs including:

Coral Enterprises Inc. – merged with Omnicomm Enterprises, clinical trial software company, publicly traded OTC USA.
Coral Development Corp- merged with privately owned medical products company involved in the breast implant field.
Both created shareholders value for Modern Technology Corp shareholders.

Created the following enterprises privately owned:
Excess Materials Inc. Online B2b Marketplace for unwanted inventories.
Innovative Artistic Licensing LLC- business development specialist to high technology companies with obtaining a strategic partner for marketing and fund raising.

Couleuron Inc. minority shareholder and founder of innovative hair products company
With product in development.

President- Aiv Distributors Inc. Beverage Wholesaler-Distributor. Currently representing
Several foreign beer, wine and bottled spring water producers assisting them in marketing their products outside the USA with plans to obtain import license status and N.Y. state wholesalers-distributors for foreign wine, beer and bottled water producers.

Former registered Investment Adviser- American Israel Ventures Corp.
Publisher of Guide to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Israeli securities 1st and 2nd edition.
Editor and publisher over 16 years for Investment Traders- Magazine of New Issues and
Israel Securities Review Magazine- over 100 issues written and released.

Speaker at numerous investment adviser conferences and adviser to over 100 investment clubs re: individual investments and strategy.
 In this role, raised $50,000 as private investment from Israel Investors Corp (traded OTC) for IPO for Helioscience Inc. subsequently raising $600,000 publicly. 

Acted as a finder to introduce a european biotechnology company to an investor who eventually invested $7 million into the company and brought another investment group who purchased ownership of the company from another European owner for $13 million.

Past licensed investment banker and managing director of NASD registered investment banking firm. 

Writer for over 100 articles in various investment and business publications in the USA and internationally.

MBA- Finance, Pace University, New York, NY.
BS- Accounting. New York University School of Commerce, New York, NY.


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