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We are working with several high technology companies as a business development specialist assisting them with their marketing and capital needs.

Examples of our clients are: a defense oriented drone manufacturer, a medical device company developing a wearable non invasive ventilator and a digital health company. 

We have considerable interest in adding clients in the biotechnology field and drug development companies with special interest in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and wound healing companies in their early stage activity. We can add marketing, licensing and funding sources (investment capital from non U.S. investors based outside the U.S.).

Today, we are seeking out technical experts who are developing businesses around the field of biotechnology, with a focus on synthetic biology, new drug delivery systems and cancer drug treatments. We can guide the professor and inventor in business formation, technology licensing negotiation and setting up a marketing system and bringing a strategic partner who can jumpstart the sales function and add the necessary capital at the early stages or bring the company to the next phase of development. Furthermore, we can assist the new enterprise by bringing forward a clinical research company which can offer CRO services and also preclinical and clinical research activities and finally individuals with biotechnology managerial experience. 

We feel that medical advances, especially in the biotechnology field, using software know-how will be the fastest growing sector for investors and will bring established companies seeking to add new technological advances without adding their own research staff. 

If you possess new technologies which need to be commercialized, we urge you to contact us to support you and make the business formation activity easier and less stressful. We can add expertise in the marketing and fund raising areas to speed up your business startup operations. We are seeking university professors/doctors with research activities in such areas as tissue engineering, wound healing, synthetic biology, lab on a chip systems, advanced bioreactor activities, blood substitutes, biomarkers, cancer and infectious disease studies, drug delivery and discovery, nanotechnology and micro-engineering.
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